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Fix Bad Sector on a Hardisk

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Step 1:
First, recognize the common causes of bad sectors. Sometimes, a sector just goes physically bad. This means it just won't work anymore, and there is no way to repair it. It's common, and expected, but if you get enough the drive will become unusable and you'll need to replace it. Two other causes are simple drive instability or incorrect mapping; formating usually solves both of these (though not always).

Step 2:
The first step is to run the CheckDisk utility (chkdsk from your command prompt). This will locate the bad sectors, and mark them as such. It will, if possible, move the data from the bad sectors to good ones. Then, in the future, your system just won't use the bad sectors. If the utility tells you that there were several thousand bad sectors, your hard drive should be backed up and replaced as soon as possible. +

Step 3:
It Step 2, doesn't solve the problem, back up your existing data and start clean by reformatting your drive. This should fix any 'cosmetic' damage.

Step 4:
If Step 3 didn't correct any problems, that your drive has sustained physical damage. There is no way to repair physical damage and restore data lost as a result. The drive must be replaced.

Step 5:
If you hear an kind of clicking, scratching or rough whirring noises (aside from the ordinary hum of the disk) you should back up and replace the disk. These are all signals of physical crash. These can happen a few sectors at a time, or take the entire drive at once.

If you want to fix the bad sector in your Hard Disk Drive,all you have to do is :
1. Insert the OS CD
2. Reboot the computer and boot through the bootable disk
3. Press the letter 'R' after the EULA,it will take you to the Recovery Console
4. It will ask for the user name and password, By default user name is Administrator
5. When asked for password just leave blank and press Enter
6. Type CHKDSK /R and press enter
7. It will take some time to complete the scan process
8. Once its completed type,it will return to C:\
9. Type command fixboot and press enter
10. Restart the computer in normal mode and now everything will up and running

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