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Install Dual Boot Vista and XP with Vista in PC Gateway

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MT3708 comes with vista installed if you install XP to make dual boot here is the complete instruction on how to do it and where to get the drivers for Gateway MT3708 OR MT3707.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Gateway MT3708 OR MT3707
  • XP bootable cd
  • VistaBootPro 3.3
Here is the link on how to Install Windows XP in a Dual Boot with Pre-installed Windows Vista.

Note: VistaBootPro requires .Net Framework, make sure you have internet connection and once XP installs check if you NIC card has proper driver for it to work to access internet.

After you are done following the steps in link Make one more adjustment.
1. Go to Manage OS Entires in VistaBootPro
2. Click on Earlier Version of Window (if you want you can rename it)
3. Change the boot drive to the name of drive where you installed XP
4. Click apply
When you complete this you will get ntdlr error tying to boot to XP. Please complete second Step to fix the problem.


Files to be copied
When you try to select Earlier Vesion to boot into XP it will complain about ntdlr. XP uses the following files to boot.

To boot XP Copy ntdlr, NTDETECT and boot.ini from Vista to XP
Below is how to locate the ntldr, NTDETECT, and boot.ini while in Vista.

1. Open My Computer
2. Click on "Organize" and then click on "Folder and Search Options"
3. Then click on the "View" tab
4. In the list under "Advanced Settings" you need to find "Hide protected operating system files" and uncheck it and then click "Ok"
5. Open your Vista (C:\) drive and you will now see more "protected" files
6. Select the three files in question and right click and then select "Copy"
7. Browse and open your XP drive and right click and then select paste it on the drive. eg. if XP is installed in E paste the file in E:\
Now you will be able to boot with out any problem

I installed this on my Gateway MT3708 and it will work for MT3707 as well. These drivers can be found at Gateway Drivers&Downloads
You can search with .exe name of drivers.
Here are the list of XP drivers for these machine:
D00584-001-002.exe - Realtek Wireless LAN Wireless Network Driver
version 5.1060.0413.2006
D00516-002-001.exe - Marvell Network Driver Version:
D00671-001-001.exe - ATI Chipset Driver version: ATI 5.10.1000.7
D00620-001-001.exe - Realtek Media Card Reader Driver version:
D00670-001-001.exe - Agere Modem Driver version: 2.1.72
D00669-001-001.exe - Synaptics Touchpad Driver version:
D00680-001-001.exe - ATI Video Driver version: 8.283
D00560-002-001.exe Sigmatel Audio Driver Version: 5.10.4946.0

Tips & Warnings

  • After XP installation make sure you have at least driver for you NIC so you can access to internet. Else you won't be able to install .Net Framework, which will prevent installing VistaBootPro thus you won't be able to log in any OS. Vista Or XP.

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