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Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar*Book+2 CD's!

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Hal Leonard Play Acoustic (Book & CD Package)

(Just in case you're curious.......the lessons to the cd pick up around page 48 and 49)
The acoustic guitar is the instrument of the people and Play Acoustic tells the people how to play it. This detailed and beautifully illustrated book explores the history of the acoustic guitar, from the jazz age to the folk revolutions of the early 1960s and late 1990s to the current rebirth of bluegrass and the singer-songwriter boom of the past decade. Skilled professional musicians and experienced tutors coach the reader through 11 styles, using exercises suitable to novice players new to each style and working up to full pieces and advanced techniques. Entire chapters are devoted to folk, rock and pop, blues, country, bluegrass, jazz, and more, with detailed guidance through both musical notation and tablature, diagrams, and explanatory text. An accompanying CD also offers listening examples of the most crucial of these exercises, to help players master each style.


By Chris "the most passionate music/film fan alive." (Philly suburbs, PA) - See all my reviews
This book is fantastic. The two CDs it comes with are great, too. Not all exercises are on the CDs... but there are a TON of exercises to work on. The author covers many, many styles.. classical, folk, "jangle", blues, rock, etc.. arpeggios, jangle sequences, fingerpicking, scale practice, chords, altered tunings..

You can't find a better book on acoustic guitar instruction. I LOVE the stuff put out by Backbeat Books... they're ALWAYS of the highest quality, and the most practical AND fun.... and here's yet another book that cites the Smiths as a reference with a certain style/sound. The Smiths (and especially Johnny Marr's work within the band)... that's great guitar, there.

Do yourself a favor and pick this up. The title's generic, I know... but when they say Play Acoustic, they mean it.

If you play piano, too... you can do no better than the Piano Handbook (same publisher, same spiral-bound book, same look and layout). A great find.


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