Wednesday, September 10, 2008


9/10/2008 05:52:00 AM |
Internet is very important right now. Internet is used by many people from children until old people, from elementary school students until college students, from poor people until rich people and from those who understand Internet until those who are expert about Internet. The main function of Internet is to find the information. There are million kinds of information here, such as economy, politic, entertainment, sports and much more and all the information are free, we don’t have to pay for it, we only pay for the usage of Internet connection.

When searching for information, we can use some search engine. We can use Google search engine or yahoo search engine. Just type the key words and the information you are looking for is shown in the screen. Beside using Google and yahoo search engines, now there is a new search engine, It is a new search engine which can help us to get the information or data we need.

When I visited this search engine for the first time, I was so surprised because it doesn’t look like a search engine but it looks like other website or similar because the layouts is very simple with only a search engine and a list of the recent searches and hot searches at the main page. After I typed a word top bloggers and click search, I know that it is a search engine. I think it can be an alternative search engine if we can not find what we are looking for in other search engines.

Why I say alternative? Because I think there are still many lacks from this search engine. Some of the lack are the layouts look boring, especially with the picture and the color. The result of the searching is not satisfying and complete. For example, when I typed free dating, it only gives some results. It doesn’t give a lot of information and websites related to the key words. Although, it gives the image but the images are too few. There are also some videos but the again the videos do not tell too much about the key word.

Although it still needs updating and improving, we can use it as one of the choices to browse your favorite information. Before I finished reading and knowing about this search engine, I tried to find my favorite activity, that is playing online games and the result is not bad. I can find my favorite websites here and play them.

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