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10 of Tips How to use PC & Laptop

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Below this was ten tips that could be used by you to save the use of energy in pc and laptop.

1. Arrange the illumination and the contrast monitor Possibly for the lay person or the beginner in using the computer, they were very rare paid attention to their monitor regulation. That was meant in this case was the level of the illumination and the contrast that were arranged too high can finish much energy. Then for that you must be able to arrange the illumination and this contrast, to arrange the illumination and this monitor contrast used the switch that was under the monitor.

2. Turn off the Tips monitor that to-two was in a deadly manner the monitor, especially the monitor that his kind was the kind Crt (Cathode Ray Tubel), because this kind monitor more often consumed the electricity power. So, if you wanted to leave this PC for a long time, better turn off your monitor. And you too could menyetting Windows so that automatically immediately died in some specific time, that could be carried out by means of, clicked “Control Panel-Options”. In “Power Options Properties” the clique tab “Power Schemes”. Then the clique of the arrow in the part of “Power Schemes” then chose “Home/Office desk”. Then chose time that was wanted to “Turn Off Monitor” and the clique “Apply” and “OK”.

3. Kill Hard the disk despite us was not doing anything to our computer, but your data will always be read from hard the disk (by the operation system and several applications). For reasons of this, hard the disk hard the disk continually proceeded and of course this will finish energy. If you wanted to leave PC you for a long time, then better turn off hard your PC disk. To “Power Options Properties” then the clique tab “Power Schmes”. The clique of the arrow in the part of “Power Schemes” and chose “Home/Off desk”. Afterwards the clique “Turn off hard disk” and chose the time. Then the clique “Apply” and “Ok”.

4. Turn off equipment. Turn Off other equipment like, speaker, the external modem, scanner, Zip drive and printer. Because the equipment really finished much energy. Often the person left this equipment in the active situation, even when we were going out for a long time.

5. Mode Hibernate Mode hibernate this was facilities to do shut down, but did not close or deadly the application that was opened by us earlier. This could be done by means of Mode “Hibernate”. With mode this, the contents memory main (RAM) will be kept in hard the disk. The method did mode hibernate was as follows, to “Power Options” the clique tab “Hibernate”. Then the clique of the close box of “Enable Hibernation”. The clique also in tab “Advanced”. In the part of “When I Press the power button” then the clique of his arrow afterwards the clique “Hibernate”. The clique “Apply” and “Ok”. After that pressed the switch “Power” to your computer. Mode hibernate has functioned, pressed the switch “Power” once more, your computer will be on and would automatic opened the application that was opened by you earlier.

6. Mode Standby
could save energy, better the monitor regulation and hard the disk was in the part that was lowest in mode standby. If you wanted to leave PC for a moment, better activated mode standby. However that must be known by you were, during mode standby active the data that was not yet kept by you could be broken or was lost if PC you experienced damage. Better keep beforehand the data or your document before you activated mode standby this. Mode standby could be carried out by means of, clicked “Start-Turn Off computer” then the clique “Stanby”.

7. Use UPS. the UPS implement, because of this implement could help the rescue of the data or shut down when happening died electricity. To arrange UPS equipment and configurates this implement of “Power Option Properties” then chose tab UPS. Bagian the status in tab UPS put forward the estimate the number of minutes that could be supported by UPS against PC you. In fact many methods to mengkonfigurasikan UPS, but this depended on the model and the UPS capacity that were used.

8. Your Laptop if battery charge the battery laptop, ascertained the process charge him was finished. Because of the process charge that was done half of the-half of the then was continued again, that will even finish much energy. If you want going to somewhere, better bring always the charger battery. To save the use of the battery. You could make use of feature Hibernate/Suspended or used the electricity socket that was connected to the power socket.

9. Port USB if during you use laptop and at that time you put some to port USB in laptop, better if being finished immediately was released then. Because of equipment that still tertancap in port USB, same could finish the power to PC or laptop you. Better release this implement when pemakain him was felt has been enough.

10. The userguide scheme of Laptop Energy producers laptop also enclosed feature and software power management. Software this was very very useful for the consumers laptop, because software this could arrange the use of the battery and the electricity power that were used. In software this had several choices that could be used to know the burden hard the disk and other energy that was being used by laptop. Including knowing the speed prosessor or the monitor illumination that was exact to be able to save the battery. Software this at the same time could become the supervisor for us in used laptop.

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