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How to make random signature via Thunderbird

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Using signature is so funny, i usually use signature every i send my email. Thunderbird support file signature and linux collaboration is very amazing.

how to make random signature? okay first you must install fortune, please check this apllication first

mahyuddin@faskho:~$ which fortune

so, in ubuntu fortune is default program installed at ubuntu system. and next step is make simple bash script to make random signature

echo "[Mahyuddin Susanto]" > /home/mahyuddin/Signature.txt
echo "Blog: http://udienz.immteknik.org YM: udienz@ymail.com" >> /home/mahyuddin/Signature.txt
echo "http://mirror.unej.ac.id http://solo.linux.or.id" >> /home/mahyuddin/Signature.txt
echo "-" >> /home/mahyuddin/Signature.txt
echo -n
/usr/games/fortune -n short >> /home/mahyuddin/Signature.txt

save this file with signature’s name, and give this file excecution mode

$ chmod +x signature.sh

and test this file

$ ./signature.sh
$ cat Signature.txt
[Mahyuddin Susanto]
Blog: http://udienz.immteknik.org YM: udienz@ymail.com
http://mirror.unej.ac.id http://solo.linux.or.id
It's all in the mind, ya know.

next, configure crontrab

$ crontab -e

# m h dom mon dow command
*/10 * * * * cd /home/mahyuddin/signature.sh

and we must configuring Thunderbird to make it works, so see this page

save and send your email from thunderbird now!

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udienz said...

please add original source, i wrote this tutorial and you not add origin source/author at here!