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Sample developer app Facebook

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installation instructions:

1. Add the developer app (

2. Setup a new application to get your API key and Secret key. You will also need to click optional fields and fill in your callback URL (the URL where the app files are stored on your server)

3. You also need to choose an app canvas URL. This can be anything you like that is available, but make a note of what you choose.

4. Finally, click "yes" to "Can your application be added to Facebook?" and then select "Users" for "Who can add it?".

5. That's it. Now install the files on your server and give it a shot!

App installation instructions:

1. Change your API KEY and SECRET in "appinclude.php" flie

2. Create a mysql database in your hosting and import "db.sql"

3. Modify "dbinfo.php" with your database name, database username and password

4. Change to your domain name in all files

5. Change the canvas page url from "" to your Canvas page url

6. Put gifts images in the "gifts" folder
NOTE: Each page will show 20 gift items... Right now the app is configured for 40 gift items. If you add more gifts please find the following in line 57
echo '<'a href="">1<'a> | <'a href="">2<'a>';
And add more links like this ... <'a href="">3<'a>

7. Upload all files to your server and the app will be ready to go.

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