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C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4

1/06/2010 01:49:00 AM |

The Only Official Best-Practice Guide to Qt 4.1 Programming

Using Trolltech's Qt you can build industrial-strength C++ applications that run natively on
Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and embedded Linux--without making source code changes. With
this book Trolltech insiders have written a start-to-finish guide to getting great results with the most
powerful version of Qt ever created: Qt 4.1.

Using C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 you'll discover the most effective Qt 4 programming
patterns and techniques as you master key technologies ranging from Qt's model/view architecture
to Qt's powerful new 2D paint engine. The authors provide readers with unparalleled insight into Qt's
event model and layout system. Then, using realistic examples, they introduce superior techniques
for everything from basic GUI development to advanced database and XML integration.

  • Includes new chapters on Qt 4's model/view architecture and Qt's new plugin support, along with a brief introduction to Qtopia embedded programming.
  • Covers all Qt fundamentals, from dialogs and windows to implementing application functionality.
  • Introduces best practices for layout management and event processing.
  • Shows how to make the most of Qt 4's new APIs, including the powerful new 2D paint engine and the new easy-to-use container classes.
  • Contains completely updated material in every chapter.
  • Presents advanced Qt 4 techniques covered in no other book, from creating both Qt and application plugins to interfacing with native APIs.
Contains an in-depth appendix on C++/Qt programming for experienced Java developers
The accompanying CD-ROM includes the open source edition of Qt 4.1.1 for Windows, Mac, Linux,
and many Unixes, as well as MinGW, a set of freely available development tools that can be used to
build Qt applications on Windows, and also the source code for the book's examples.


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