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EK- VMware vSphere 4 Training Course

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Virtualization currently saving companies around world millions dollars. Companies all sizes types benefiting from hundreds uses Virtual Systems.

VMware's first cloud operating system. It is able to manage large pools of virtualized computing infrastructure, including software and hardware.The most demanding datacenters around the world depend on vSphere, virtualizing business critical applications with dynamic resource pools for unprecedented flexibility and reliability.

With vSphere and our virtualization & cloud management products, you can:

* Maximize efficiency and ensure service levels with capacity management >>
* Automate disaster recovery plans with disaster recovery management >>
* Ensure performance SLAs are met with performance management >>
* Get accurate costs for delivering IT services with cost reporting management >>

Reduce your capital and operating costs and increase control over IT infrastructures while preserving the flexibility to choose any OS, application and hardware with VMware vSphere.

* Let your IT staff shift their energies towards creating transformative business solutions instead of routine maintenance of hardware and software
* Get more from your existing IT assets and reduce capital expenses of the datacenter by up to 60%
* Significantly lower power, cooling and real estate needs and cut your energy costs by up to 80%

The CBT contains 13 videos as follows:

•Module 1: Introduction to Virtualization
•Module 2: Installing and Configuring ESX/ESXi 4
•Module 3: vCenter Operations
•Module 4: Networking Operations
•Module 5: Storage Operations
•Module 6: Virtual Machine Operations
•Module 7: vSphere Security & vShield Zones
•Module 8: Monitoring & Troubleshooting
•Module 9: Resource Management
•Module 10: High Availability & Data Protection
•Module 11: Planning & Implementing a vSphere Upgrade
•Module 12: vCenter Update Manager & Host Profiles
•Module 13: vNetwork Distributed Switches & Cisco Nexus 1000V

Download :

Password: tahaa@g4m30v3r123

Rar archives have 5% recovery as well.

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