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Google Supremacy - Craig Dawber

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The key to making money online is TRAFFIC. Without traffic, you won’t be making a dime. There are many programs and gurus out there that promise you quick rankings – most of them are hyped up scams that won’t get you anywhere. The keyword for Google Supremacy is FREE ORGANIC TRAFFIC! You’ll learn how to get it and PROFIT FROM IT.

My name is Kevin Garder, I have been writing reviews and making a comfortable income online for the past 11 years.I was intrigued by the new Google Supremacy System and was able to receive free access to complete my review and conduct a thorough test of the product from Greg Dawber, the creator of the program. (Learn more about Craig Dawber here).

How to setup your money sites in Google that can generate thousands of dollars every month of residual income. The secret = finding domains that already get tons of free traffic without any extra link building or SEO work.
  • How to find Buyer Keywords that convert at a whooping 10- 15 % that most marketers overlook. Insider Tip: Creativity is needed to find the right keywords. Google Supremacy will teach you exactly how to do this.
  • How to become a Keyword Research Guru. Insider Tip: Picking the right keywords will get you to the top in less than 50% of the time and increase your conversions of up to 100%.
  • The Hidden Google Voodoo Tool. Insider Tip: I was laughing when I first heard this term. But it’s for real.
  • How to pick Clickbank products that sell. Insider Tip: It’s not as easy as simply picking the most popular products. Google Supremacy teaches how to find a red hot niche.
  • Eight brain dead simple ways to get high quality one way links to skyrocket your page rank.
  • The underground secrets of the Phantom Wheel. Insider Tip: I have been using this for a few months myself now and Google has been loving my sites!
  • The secrets to article spinning the right way. Insider Tip: You need to know how to do this or else Google will ignore you due to duplicate content.
  • The 45-Day Blueprint. Get step-by-step action plans that you can take right after finishing this course. The blueprint will combine all the concepts into simple daily plans that you can follow to dominate Google rankings in 45 days or less.
  • How to put the entire system on complete auto-pilot. Insider Tip: This is the best part. You’ll learn how to set it up and let it rip without touching the system.
17 Video + 5 Rare Bonuses + 6 Themes + 2 Manual

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