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Total Training Adobe Illustrator CS5 Essentials (COMPLETE)

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Total Training Adobe Illustrator CS5 Essentials

Total Training (2010) | English | Type ISO | 958 MB

Total Training for Adobe Illustrator CS5 Essentials will teach you all you need to know to get up to speed quickly and easily with this powerful vector design tool. Join award-wining designer Steve Holmes as he shows you how to wield the sheer power of this incredible design and artwork program. Learn real-world techniques and solid processes for creating stunning artwork and layouts for print and digital media, utilizing the biggest and best tools Illustrator has to offer.

1. Opening and Arranging Multiple Documents
2. The Interface
3. Customizing and Saving Workspaces
4. Setting Preferences
5. Navigation
6. Zooming and Panning
7. Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Creating a New Document
2. Editing Existing Documents
3. Editing Document Size via Artboards
4. Setting Up Multiple Artboards
5. Editing Multiple Artboards
6. Artboard Ruler Origins
7. The Artboards Panel
8. Creating and Saving Templates

Chapter 3: CREATING OBJECTS, GUIDES and LAYERS; (35 min)
1. Rulers, Guides and Grids
2. Points, Paths, Fills and Strokes
3. Outline and Preview Modes
4. Default Fill ans Stroke
5. Creating Shapes of a Specific Size
6. Creating Circles from the Center Point
7. Drawing with the Star Tool
8. Using the Split Into Grid Command
9. Using the Paste Remembers Layers Command

1. Utilizing the Selection Tools
2. Free Transforming
3. Stroke Scaling
4. Using the Transform Panel and Nudging
5. Grouping
6. Working in Isolation Mode
7. Changing Object Stacking Order

1. Rotating
2. Reflecting
3. Scaling
4. Progressive Scaling
5. Alignment
6. Power Duplication

Chapter 6: COLOR, GRADIENTS and PATTERNS (29 min)
1. Creating Dense Black
2. Creating and Using Global Swatches
3. Applying Pantone® Spot Colors
4. Creating Gradients and the Gradient Annotator
5. Creating Basic Pattern Swatches
6. Fine-Tuning and Scaling Patterns
7. Updating and Replacing Patterns

Chapter 7: DIFFERENT STROKES (18 min)
1. Adding and Distributing Lines
2. Adding Strokes
3. Working with Stroke Alignment  and Dashed Lines
4. Applying Arcs and Arrowheads

Chapter 8: SHAPE BUILDER and PATHFINDER (21 min)
1. Exploring Drawing Modes
2. Using Select Same and Pathfinder Options
3. Combining with the Shape Builder Tool
4. Trimming with the Shape Builder Tool
5. Using Transform Each

Chapter 9: CUSTOM SHAPE CREATION  and EDITING (16 min)
1. Cutting and Joining Paths
2. Applying a Stroke Profile and Merging Swatches
3. Using Pathfinder to Create a Custom Shape
4. Utilizing Points and Segments to Create a Custom Shape

Chapter 10: DRAWING and REFINING PATHS (23 min)
1. Freeform Drawing with the Pencil Tool
2. Refining a Shape with the Warp Tool and Pathfinder
3. Drawing Corners and Bezier Curves with the Pen Tool
4. Constructing More Intricate Shapes
5. Adding the Finished Shapes to the Main Artwork

Chapter 11: TYPE, STYLES and TYPOGRAPHY (37 min)
1. Creating Single-Line Type
2. Kerning and Styling Type
3. Grouping and Scaling the Logo Type
4. Working with Area Type
5. Placing Type
6. Creating and Applying Paragraph Styles
7. Flowing Text between Custom Frames
8. Adding Type around a Circle
9. Adding Baseline Shift to the Type around a Circle

Chapter 12: WORKING WITH IMAGES and MASKS (29 min)
1. Placing Images and the Links Panel
2. Using Edit Original
3. Creating a Clipping Mask to Mask an Image
4. Continuing with Clipping Masks to Mask Artwork
5. Working with Layered Photoshop® Files
6. Applying Effects and the Appearance Panel

Chapter 13: LIVE TRACE TIPS and TRICKS (14 min)
1. Live Tracing an Image
2. Outputting Live Trace Spot Colors to Swatches
3. Merging Live Swatches with Pantone® Swatches

Chapter 14: THE POWER OF APPEARANCE (27 min)
1. Using Transparency and Blend Modes
2. Saving and Using Graphic Styles
3. Editing and Auto-Updating Graphic Styles
4. Creating Compound Paths
5. Applying Strokes with the Appearance Panel
6. Adding and Editing a Drop Shadow Effect

Chapter 15: ADDING SOME POLISH (15 min)
1. Designing an HD Interstitial Graphic
2. Creating a Reflection
3. Creating a Transparent Gradient

Chapter 16: PRINTING, EXPORTING and PDF FILES (15 min)
1. Setting the Print Area with the Print Tiling Tool
2. Adjusting Basic Print Options
3. Format Options for Exporting
4. Exporting a PDF for Print

Chapter 17: WEB PREPARATION and EXPORT (16 min)
1. Using Pixel Preview and Align to Pixel Grid
2. Adjusting Anti-Aliasing on Type
3. Creating and Naming Slices
4. Saving for the Web
5. Credits

Total Training Adobe Illustrator CS5 Essentials

Bonus: Project Files (98.1 MB)
Instruction: Extract, Mount/Burn, Play Learn

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